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The Truth About Candle Waxes

By law, manufacturers are required to list the ingredients on a product that will be sold. We are finding that many candle makers on the market today are not doing that. The label often says: scented or perfume candle. More than likely, it is made of paraffin. Paraffin is a very inexpensive wax compared to soy and other healthy natural waxes such as coconut and palm. They also give off a strong scent when lit, the main reason consumers purchase them. What is important to know is a lit paraffin candle will emit carcinogenic toxins in the air which you will breathe in.

Some labels state a paraffin soy blend or just soy blend. They aren’t telling you what the percentage of the blend is, and more than likely, you are getting a paraffin candle. The best way to guess is the price and the manufacturer. If it’s mass produced, it’s probably paraffin.

What’s important to know: Since we have a very long, slow, and complicated digestive system, anything taken in orally breaks down and is absorbed into our bloodstream very slowly. When we use something topically on our skin (lotion, salve, ointment, deodorant, hair color, makeup, nail polish, etc.) or inhale its scent, it’s absorbed into our bloodstreams almost immediately. Both the good ingredients and the toxins get into our lungs and bloodstream quickly.

At R1:99 we are concerned with both mental and physical health. This is the reason we produce products without toxic ingredients or chemical fillers. Yes, they cost a bit more, but you will always have the assurance of knowing that all our ingredients have been vetted and they are safe for you and those you care for.

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