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Engage with Eden

Thank you for your interest in Eden Products, Restoration 1:99s Economic Empowerment Program. Here are ways you can move our mission forward:

If you are able to help us settle into our new location, click here.


  • Contribute your Expertise

    • Do you have a background in herbalism or gardening?  

      • Share your knowledge with our staff and survivors

      • Conduct further research that would assist us in improving our products

    • Do you have an interest in Marketing?

      • Help spread the word on social media

      • Design flyers for events

    • ​Do you enjoy planning events?

      • Herbalism lends itself to all types of fun events

    • Do you have another area of expertise that we need?

      • We’re all ears

  • Purchase Scholarships

    • Nearly all of our survivors have financial challenges​

    • Scholarships provide us with the financial support to serve survivors who may not otherwise be able to pay for the treatment they so desperately need.

  • Host a Virtual/Home Party

    • Host a party for approximately 10 friends/family/co-workers who would love to learn about our Eden products. Everyone who hosts a Virtual/Home Party will receive an Eden product.

  • Write a Guest Blog for "In the Garden"

    • If you love to write and have something to say about herbalism, survivorship, or another topic that fits our mission, then let us know and we can work with you to develop a blog post.

  • Donate

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