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Eden Products

Make a World of Difference for Survivors of Complex Trauma

a place to heal and be restored

Our Best Selling Products

Botantical Blends Roller Ball 1040.png

Botanical Blends

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Goat's Milk Soap

Eye Pillows.png

Eye Pillows

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Luxury Candles

Lavender Honey Soap.png

Lavender & Honey Soap

Meet our First Market Assistant

Charmaine is our first Market Assistant. She will be at most/all of the upcoming markets and we plan to be at a significant number of markets as we move forward.


Connecting the dots between mental & physical health...

Helping a person connect the dots between mental and physical health is very important to us. The majority of those who suffer from complex trauma also struggle with chronic health issues such as cancer, fibromyalgia, heart disease, auto-immune diseases, migraine headaches, gut issues, and chronic nerve pain, just to name a few. Many of our clients have been on medications for years, experienced unwanted side effects, and have expressed a desire to find more natural ways to heal.

This put us on a journey to research and create a variety of products that are clean, healthy, and free from toxins, such as candles without paraffin, chest rubs without petroleum, and soaps without harsh chemicals or detergents.

Our clients have seen positive changes in their overall wellbeing after using our products and we believe you will as well.

Though you may not have experienced complex trauma and do not suffer from chronic health issues, by purchasing our products you support those who do. Thank you for moving our mission forward.


Everyone Has a Role in Success


Restoration 1:99

Eden Mission is to provide therapy and job skills training in a supportive environment with the goal of permanent employment opportunities at the completion of the program.



Your purchases make it possible for us to continue offering our survivors a chance to learn, grow and prepare for a successful life. 



Our primary concern for survivor success is improved mental health and connection into a vibrant society. For many, that vibrancy comes from feelings of worth related to employment. This program is a key to their success.

A Few Summer Products

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Our Market Displays

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