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Herb Infused Oils

Using Herbs & Natural Products




2 Hours

For You and 5 Guests

Using Herbs & Natural Products to Reduce Stress

This workshop is designed to present distress tolerance skills (deep breathing, body scans, etc.) combined with a holistic herbal approach to stress management, including safely and effectively integrating herbs into a self-care practice. This workshop will cover topics of anatomy and physiology of the stress response, pathology associated with chronic stress, basic distress tolerance skills and herbal tools for stress management. You will learn how to reach beyond the symptomatic approach in your understanding of how stress is defined, how the body responds and is impacted by stress, and how to support yourself using herbal tools with distress tolerance skills.

Value: $510

Date: It is up to You, Your Friends and Candace


Participants: for yourself and up to five guests (6 total).


Time: 2 hours

Leader: Candace Wheeler, LPC, CDBT, NCC

Location: Candace will come to you and you get to choose where you would like to meet. Could be your home, school, church, etc. 


Candace Wheeler is a licensed professional counselor and founder and executive director of Restoration 1:99 & Eden Products. In addition to her clinical training, she has also completed courses in: 

  1. Herbal Self-Care for Stress Management

  2. Holistic Cancer Care

  3. Becoming an Herbalist

  4. Botanical Skin Care

  5. Herbs for ADHD, Cognition & Focus

  6. Herbal Support During Pregnancy

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