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The shower is an ideal environment for aromatherapy. The warm water relaxes your body and opens your breathing, allowing the steam to deliver essential oils into your system. The effect can be felt quickly, both physically and emotionally. Shower aromatherapy is helpful for supporting healthy breathing and a positive mood. Depending on whether you take a morning or evening shower, you can choose the oils that stimulate or relax you. To get the most benefit from your steamer, your shower needs to make really good steam. Place the steamer away from the direct line of water. The steam will break up the disk releasing the essential oils.


In this recipe, we use a special masala chai blend from A. Kumar, a master tea blender in India. Premium Assam tea is blended with sweet cinnamon, healthy cloves, and digestive ginger. A treat worthy of year-round enjoyment.


Ingredients: Baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, witch hazel, cinnamon, premium masala chai, star anise, essential oils of cinnamon bark & clove.


The airtight cannister contains four 3.6 oz steamers.


Coordinates with Cedar & Cardomom Clay, Salt & Soap Bar

Warming Marsala Chai

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