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The art of the bath— so different from a shower! Baths take more prep time and therefore, help us to s-l-o-w down. Just thinking about taking a bath can start to help us decompress from a busy day. These hand-crafted bath salts come in fun Christmas ornaments. Salts can also be use in the shower, just empty a small amount into your hand and rub on your body.


5 oz


Choose from:
All is Calm
- French grey sea salt has so many amazing healing benefits because it helps to balance the minerals in the human body. Extracting excess acidity and toxins from brain cells such as aluminum (which can be very damaging), getting rid of excess acidity in the body and maintaining a normal acid-alkaline balance is incredibly important. The benefits really are endless!

Ingredients: French gray sea salt, heavy cream, whole milk, lavender & clary sage essential oils, & lavender buds


Cinnamon Cocoa (NEW)

Ingredients: Epson and Dead Sea Salts, avocado oil, cinnamon & cocoa fragrance oil


O’ Christmas Tree – Spirulina, a superfood, is a natural blue-green algae with many natural benefits. It's known to improve skin elasticity, firms & reduces wrinkles, rich in antioxidants, & so much more.

Ingredients: Epsom & Dead Sea salts, jojoba oil, & frosted fir fragrance oil.   

Rosy Cheeks - Rose is a wonderful choice for those with sensitive skin because the sugars in the petals create a soothing feeling, calms & soothes the mind, & is moisturizing to the skin.
ingredients: Epsom & pink Himalayan salts (course & fine), rose petals,  white rose fragrance oil, & sweet almond oil.  

Sleigh Ride-

Ingredients –  It's a festive mix of orange, green apple, peppermint, and clove. Epsom & Dead Sea salts, avocado oil, & sleigh ride fragrance oil.

Christmas Spice 

Ingredients: Epson & Dead Sea salts, avocado oil & Christmas spice fragrance oil.


5 oz


Ornament Bath Salts

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