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Inspired by the Italian liquor, limoncello, experience Italy through scent with our Italian Limoncello products.


This Italian Limoncello Fragrance opens with notes of sun-kissed Italian Bergamot, Sicilian Lime, and zesty Sorrento Lemon, a trinity of citrus that dances on the nose, evoking the lively spirit of Italian coastlines. As the scent unfolds, delicate Neroli Blossoms unfurl their petals, releasing a sophisticated floral heart that intertwines with the crispness of Citrus Bitters, crafting a fragrance that is as intricate as Italy itself.


We’ve topped our candle with a slice of lemon imbedded.

A blend of soy and coconut wax to give you a stronger hot throw and a longer burn time.


14 oz       


Italian Limoncello Candle

SKU: H265
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