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Eden Products

a place to heal

Your Purchases Make a World of Difference for survivors of complex trauma

Eden Products & Restoration 1:99 Team

Eden Products is Restoration 1:99’s economic empowerment program for survivors of complex trauma/trafficking. Eden's focus is to support trauma survivors as they learn to make hand-crafted home, bath & body products made from the highest quality herbs and other natural ingredients. When we incorporate the use of herbs into our lives, we open up a world of new experiences that include working with and enjoying familiar scents and learning to appreciate new ones.

Why an Economic Empowerment Program?

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Eden Products is the Economic Empowerment Program for Restoration 1:99. It is similar to a Social Enterprise program, but we also rely on donations to assist us in providing the employment services.

R1:99's primary reason for being is to support the growth and development of our client/survivors. But everyone needs to earn a living and this program helps some of our survivors generate an income.

Our Eden Products program focuses on teaching one line of employment skills, but does so in a way that fosters knowledge of the entire stream of the herbal industry. Survivors learn about producing herbs in backyard gardens or flower pots, all the way up to herbal farms. They learn how to order all the materials necessary to produce the final product, and then actually work on developing the end product. They also assist in the marketing and sales of the end product. And they generate an income from the sales. 

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Our Best Selling Products

Botantical Blends Roller Ball 1040.png

Botanical Blends

Matcha Green Tea Soap.png

Matcha Green Tea Soap

Eye Pillows_edited_edited_edited_edited_

Herbal Eye Pillow

Butterflies in Blue Candle_edited.jpg

Various Specialty Candles

In Mercedes' Own Words

"I get so excited when making natural products because I am not only getting healthy but am helping others become healthier too. And that makes me feel good. I’m making a positive contribution to the world, something that I’ve never been able to do before."

Mercedes, a complex trauma survivor

Everyone Has a Role in Success

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Restoration 1:99

Eden Mission is to provide therapy and job skills training in a supportive environment with the goal of permanent employment opportunities at the completion of the program.

Your purchases make it possible for us to continue offering our survivors a chance to learn, grow and prepare for a successful life. 



Survivors success in the program is dependent upon a few closely tied things: their personal commitment to both learning new skills and improving social interactions in the work place, plus sales to our wonderful customers who believe in our products and want to support the women in our program. 

New Products for the Fall

Pumpkin Buttermilk Soap.png

Pumpkin Buttermilk Soap

African Black Soap.png

African Black Soap

Rosehip Moisurizer.png

Rosehip Moisturizer

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