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$20/20 Anniversary Celebration Fundraiser

We are excited to let you know that this fall marks 20 years of ministry in the greater Washington, DC area! The ministry has grown, changed, and evolved over these past two decades. As you may know, we started off as a Bible study to trafficked and prostituted women in a DC court-ordered outpatient program. We spent a year or two on the streets of DC in the wee hours of the morning ministering to trafficked women and girls, to their customers, and even traffickers. We then received an invitation to minister weekly at the DC youth detention center and the psychiatric hospital where trafficked teens were often placed.  

In 2015 we re-branded, changing our name to Restoration 1:99 with a new focus on clinical mental health for those who are healing from complex trauma. We provide services to both individuals and groups. Expressive therapies are available to veterans as well as survivors of human trafficking, childhood abuse/neglect, and community gun violence. At the beginning of the pandemic, we launched Eden, our job readiness program for survivors of complex trauma. We’re heading into our third year of pop-up holiday markets. 

It's truly been an exciting and sometimes daunting journey. All of us at 1:99, from staff to board members and volunteers have expressed what an honor and privilege it has been to walk alongside so many on their healing journey. We look forward to providing great care for the next 20 years.

In honor of our 20th anniversary, we are seeking 20 new donors to give $20 or more per month or current donors to increase their giving by at least $20. As you know, charities depend on the generosity of others to continue their good work. Your gifts provide therapy, food, clothing, transportation and more to those in need. We are hoping to start at least one new community garden in Ward 7, which is a food desert. Besides providing food and herbs for Eden products, gardens provide wonderful spaces for therapy and therapeutic activities. We can’t wait to get started.

How To Sign Up for the $20/20 Anniversary Celebration Fundraiser

It's easy! Check out the donation boxes below to learn more about the various donation plans. Click SELECT in the box that fits your donation commitment. Follow the steps that follow to sign-up. If you don't find an amount that fits your needs, email and request a different amount. We will set up that amount and let you know when it is ready for you to make your donation. Once your transaction is approved by our financial folks, we will send you an email with your Coupon Code, that you should include with every purchase during the time of your membership.

We thank you in advance for your support and commitment to R1:99 in the coming year.

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